We are a Community Charity based in Clitheroe serving the Ribble Valley bringing you great music to just enjoy or hopefully participate in.


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About this website

The visual inspiration for this updated website has come from Reid Miles and his stunning work for Blue Note Records in the 1950s.

Strangely, it was also inspired by another Miles, Miles Peachey who could see the direction it needed to aim towards.

The change of structure has been dictated by the times we are living through. We can't rely on calendar events any more and so the website highlights all the activities of the club instead. The number and range of activities is very impressive isn't it! Most of it can be found on the existing website but hidden in the menus. This new website also means we have to update all the information which is a good thing to regularly do.

The layout is much more suited to mobile devices, try it and see how you get on, and also the style of language has changed from being informative (boring!) to much more personable and I hope much more engaging. See how the Newsletter details are so much more attractive - why wouldn't you want to sign-up!

If you see any mistakes or gaps then please send me the updated info.

John Flanagan