We are a Community Charity based in Clitheroe serving the Ribble Valley bringing you great music to just enjoy or hopefully participate in.

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Lukáš Oravec Quintet / Nishla Smith Quintet

Friday 3 September - 19:00 to 22:00

RVJBs are pleased to announce the resumption of live club events in 2021 with a double header featuring, from Slovakia; Lukáš Oravec Quintet and from Manchester, courtesy of Jazz North; the Nishla Smith Quintet.

Lukas OravecLukáš Oravec first appeared in Clitheroe in 2014 and is a recognised trumpet improviser throughout Central Europe where he has won numerous awards and appears regularly on the festival circuits. He collaborates with leading jazz luminaries including: Bob Mintzer, Vincent Herring and Andy Schofield to name but a few. This time their English tour includes Alex Garnett on tenor sax, Jamil Sherif on piano, Jake Garside on double bass and Marek Dorcik (Spercasa) on drums. Expect straight acoustic jazz of the highest quality.


Nishla Smith, by way of contrast, is a (Manchester) City Music Foundation artist currently on the Jazz North roster. Her quintet are due to release a debut album in the Autumn on Whirlwind Records.

Fundamentally Nishla is a singer and writer who likes to tell original stories through the medium of jazz and is aided by Richard Jones on piano, trumpeter Aaron Woods (Atephis) Josh Cavanagh-Brierley on bass, plus drummer TBC.

This quintet narrowly missed out at the on-line festival streaming in May due to an unavoidable covid delay in Australia. So, it is with great pleasure and anticipation we at last can welcome them to Clitheroe!


The resumption of live music, indoors, cannot come soon enough, so, if like me, you’ve missed our regular club outings please support artists and venues to get us back on track! Other exciting events are planned this Autumn too.

Tickets £11.50 (£10 members) 

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Nishla Smith Quintet

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Supported by Jazz North

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Lukáš Oravec Quintet / Nishla Smith Quintet

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